The short answer is Yes, you can sod in winter. Dormant sod will lay roots slowly during this season, but as temps warm up, the grass will really take off. So this is a perfect time to cover up that dirt and get a jump on a new green lawn.

The advantages are, by sodding in Winter, you not only get a jump on establishing your lawn, but you also use little or no water.

As long as your grade is set, you can lay sod on Winter ground. Moving into Spring, we normally get enough rain to help establish your new lawn.

The steps are the same when you sod in Winter. Apply starter fertilizer before sodding, pull seams tight, no need to water the sod because the weather usually takes care of that naturally this time of year. It might freeze after it’s installed, but this will not harm the grass. If the weather is warm and dry, you may want to water the new sod, but just enough so that the water soaks through.

Get a jump on you new lawn during Winter and allow your lawn extra time to root before Summer heat hits. Take advantage of the Spring rain and save money on your water bill. Winter sod that gets installed while it’s dormant and brown will root in slowly during Winter and green up in Spring.

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